Frans Lundberg, Stockholm, June 2013

Welcome to KissDB 2013.1

This is the index file of KissDB release 2013.1.130606.

About KissDB

KissDB is a Java/.NET database library designed to make it simple, fun and efficient to store objects. I created it for us developers who prefer to focus on our specific task, rather then spend time on database issues. The features of KissDB include: simple string-to-object storage, secondary indexes, ACID transactions, point-in-time queries, efficient conccurency control.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Feedback to: frans.lundberg AT is appreciated.


Start with the doc/ link. It contains the Javadoc API and everything you need to get started.

In case you are not browsing right now, it could be a place for you to find updated documentation and newer releases.