2015-11-16, ISSUE151111

A serious issue (ISSUE151111) has been reported against Release 2015.4. Fixing it requires a substantial improvement of the database restart algorithm. Unfortunately, it may take a while before I find the time to fix this. Wish I had BergDB as a paid, full-time job; would be fixed in a week. Anyway, thank you Bryan Wisdom for the bug report.

2015-07-29: Release

Release 2015.4 of BergDB. Database file encryption is now available in the public API.

2015-07-24: Release

Release 2015.3 of BergDB. Fixes a serious issue with the previous release. Please upgrade; do not use version 2015.2.

2015-03-29: Release

Release 2015.2 of BergDB adds indexing of nested fields.

2015-01-08: Release

I am pleased to annouce the release of BergDB 2015.1. The internal file stream format has been improved. BergDB is now faster and it uses less disk space.

2014-07-25: Release

We proudly present: BergDB Release 2014.1. This release is focused on stability, clean code, and an improved API.

2013-12-13: Blog

The blog at blog.franslundberg.com, "From Theory to Disk" may be of interest. It is about data storage in general and BergDB in particular. The latest post is: ACID Does Not Make Sense.

2013-11-30: Release

BergDB Release 2013.3 was made today.

2013-08-18: Release

BergDB Release 2013.2.130818 was made today.

2013-08-08: Logo

BergDB now has a logotype (below) and a graphical profile. The website has been updated for this.

2013-07-07: Release

BergDB Release 2013.2.130707 was made today. New name of database, updated documentation.

2013-07-02: BergDB

The database is now called "BergDB" and its website, bergdb.com went live today. The new name is chosen to avoid name confusion with other software and to give the database a more unique name.

2013-06-06: First public release

Today, I make the first public release of my pet project: BergDB. Release 2013.1.130606. I do not claim that it is stable, but there are no known bugs and 572 working unit tests :-). / Frans Lundberg, Stockholm, 6 June 2013.

2013-04-03: A non-public release

Made a non-public demo release for citerus.se - my employer from August this year.

2012-01-03: Implementation started

With more time for the project, I started to implement the software actively.

2009-12-01: Self-indexed streams

The algorithm and data structure self-indexed streams was invented by me. It is the basis for how the database data is stored purely append-only in an efficient manner. At this time, the fundamental algorithms and basic design were ready.

2008-07-13: Idea

The idea for the database was born and the domain kissdb.com was registered. The initial requirements were partly based on needs we had at the time at SkyCash (skycash.pl) - I company I founded together with my brother. The company runs a performant electronic payment system for mobile phones.